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Offer your expertise to your clients, introduce entrepreneurs to Axokey, and earn revenue by referring your audience to Axokey.
Be faster

Axokey provides Wordpress/Woocommerce, and Prestashop modules. Integrate our payment module easily with any platform thanks to our APIs and our technical documentation

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Axokey allows you to offer your customers a complete and innovative payment solution. Our rates are among the cheapest on the market. Your customers will be even more satisfied

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Offer your expertise and introduce Axokey to your customers, you will earn a percentage on each sale made on their platform. The offer is valid for as long as your clients use Axokey and is valid for everyone: freelancers, web agencies or large groups

How it works ?
Create a platform from you Axokey partner account, and then get the related API keys.
Now use them in your code and for each sale made from the platform you'll earn a percentage (see below).
You can do this for every platform you develop for your customers. You'll earn a percentage for every sales of every platform you developed for them
With each sale on an affiliate platform, you will receive:

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